Cosmic connection moonstone,lapiz lazuli, blue opal velvet cushion

Cosmic connections. Your home decorations can make your soul feel better integrated into the inner and outer world.

A lavish addition to any sofa or bed, as beautiful as helpful for your mind and soul.

Decorated with MOONSTONE, BLUE OPAL AND LAPIS LAZULI crystals, this is the pillow to have around if you wish to establish the contact angels and spirit guides. Everything passes and changes, so these crystals help you embolden communicative abilities and establish a healthy connection between your mind and heart. This way, your courage and wisdom are enhanced, so you are always ready to face any situation.

Lie down and breathe. The UVIA pillow takes care of the rest.

Crystals: moonstone,lapiz lazuli, blue opal

100% certified natural crystals

Fabric: 100% cotton

Made in RO

Dry cleaning


450 lei

Frequently Bought Together

Price for all:   1.020 lei


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