Divine Integration Black Gloves

Introducing our Divine Integration Black Gloves: where style meets spirituality. These gloves aren’t just about making a statement; they’re about forging a connection to the depths of your inner elegance. 


Crafted with meticulous attention and a hint of mystique, they embrace the timeless allure of black. Black isn’t just a color here—it’s a symbol of sophistication and inner strength. Each crystal, meticulously embroidered onto these gloves, infuses them with the metaphysical essence of amethyst for clarity, aquamarine for tranquility, pink quartz for love, and malachite for healing, fostering a deeper connection to one’s spiritual journey. 


However you choose to style them, these gloves are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, adding a touch of mystery and refinement. 


Crystals: amethyst, aquamarine, pink quartz, malachite

100% natural certified crystals

Made in RO

The model is 175 cm and is wearing XS.

Dry cleaning

100% polyester


300 lei

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