Colors have a greater impact on one’s life than people usually imagine. Although the way we perceive colors can be subjective, they are associated with universal meanings and reactions in our brains.
How? Colors from the visible spectrum register frequencies and wavelengths that blend with the frequency of our emotions, thus influencing our moods and feelings. Let’s take a deeper dive into the effects of each color from the visible spectrum.

1. VIOLET – the highest frequency

Violet is the highest color of the visible spectrum and it relates to spiritual awareness. It is often used by people who meditate, because it makes the mind and body more sensual, while soothing emotional distress. Purple attracts wisdom and spiritual strength. As it is the color with the highest frequency, it allows connection with the higher self and the divine.


Indigo is a combination between blue and red, so it creates a balance between the power of red and the calm of blue, attracting clarity and intuition. This is a color that helps to connect to your inner self and trust your own truth.


Blue can make the body produce chemicals that are calming and peaceful. Linked to the water and sky, blue symbolizes serenity and attracts spiritual harmony. This color is associated with the throat chakra, helping to communicate and express your authentic self.

Green carries the vibration of health and prosperity. Surrounding yourself with green or wearing this color can boost your skills and enhance your confidence to embrace growth.


Yellow is the color of the sunshine, attracting happiness and optimism. This color is an energy amplifier and it can bring clarity to your thoughts. Whenever we feel lost, yellow can provide motivation and guidance.


Orange helps to enhance passion and creativity. This means orange can redirect your energy into something you enjoy doing, allowing you to evolve and grow free. Thanks to the fact that it stimulates the senses, orange symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and inspiration.

7. RED – lowest frequency

Red is the color with the lowest frequency, facilitating spiritual grounding and balance. It promotes power and strength while attracting love and excitement. Wearing red attracts empowerment and courage to take action and face challenges.

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